Video Marketing Tips for 2018 and Beyond

Video Marketing

Video marketing is undoubtedly the future.

According to Cisco, by 2020 more than 80% of Internet traffic will be video.

86% of online users watch videos online that generates many opportunities for engagement and conversion.

Additionally, it’s been proven that visitors spend 2 minutes more on sites that have videos, lowering the website bounce rate.

Starting in 2018, how do you get into video marketing?

Here are few tips that can help you with your video marketing campaigns.

The Sales funnel for Video Marketing.

Videos can help with the three steps of the sales, attraction, conversion and sales funnel.

What can we do to attract and convert more leads in 2018?



Nowadays YouTube has become the second largest search engine in the world, and it offers exceptional opportunities to generate traffic for your Business.

But don’t forget about Youtube SEO, which plays a significant part in generating traffic.

It is much easier to rank on YouTube, than on Google if you are doing SEO.

Backlinko has excellent tips on youtube SEO.

Video mini-courses

This format came to replace the ebooks, which have flooded the market in recent times, generating a lot of value for the user.

Thinking of creating a Mini-Course?

Creating one is easy.

Take an ebook, blog post or the content that worked for your business and convert it into mini-course.

With this, you can generate attraction to your website.


Instagram has become a potent tool, allowing to grow organically, which is very important.

Insta stories have become a powerful marketing tool, allowing you to call the attention of the user.

You can also insert a link in the story to direct the user to the interesting part of your campaign.

The sponsored videos through Insta stories is also a great way to attract users.


Getting conversions is not too easy nowadays, but there are few tricks which can help you

Lead capture

Nowadays lead captures can be used within the videos, for example, for videos made available within blog posts.

Custom Videos

Following the trend of chat-bots, which blend customisation and automation, custom videos bring amazing user experience, increasing the conversion rate by up to 2x.

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There are different types of webinars, where you can make sales.

1) Educational Webinar

Educational Webinar is more of a lecture type model. It is the most popular webinar, and this style is aimed to educate your audience and convert them into sales.

2) Q & A – Discussion Webinar.

The unique ability to ask questions before the webinar begins with expertise.

This allows for a pure question and answer type of webinar, driven by the audience’s queries.

Regarding content, this is simple and requires only a little bit of preparation to ensure you have a well-prepared answer and one that relates to the webinar topic.

This can prove your expertise on the subject and can help you generate sales.

3) Panellist Discussion

This style of webinar is very popular with a group of panellists.

There is usually one or two moderators who drive the discussion, and the other panellists answer them and present various ideas on the one topic.

An excellent way for viewers to gain insight into the expertise of established influencers in their particular field. This could also help you in generate leads based on your expertise and can make sales.

4) Seminar

With Seminars, you can share your knowledge and a step-by-step guide to your expertise in that field.

This could be either showing them presentations or sharing your screen.

Giving away your expertise is like giving free food. This can help you to make some sales on your skills.

These webinars have exceptional power to generate conversions and lead to sales, especially when they were well structured.

The pillars of success in selling video content

What Makes Video Business Succeed?

Here are the three pillars of your video marketing in 2018


Content has always been considered king. Those who have good content can engage users and convert.

The content needs to be Unique and need to be relevant, and should be of Quality that can engage your audience.


If the content is king, the distribution is the queen.

In the world of too much information, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find useful and relevant content.

So it is important to explore all relevant channels to bring your content to the user.


If you need your audience to view your video content, it is necessary to work on a few things:

Video management and distribution
User Experience
Payment management

Video marketing might not be an easy way to build your Business, but once you get used to it, you’ll wonder why you waited this long to get going.

Try these tips and comment about your experiences.

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