8 Hacks To Double Your Leads

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It is not easy to get leads these days.

According to HubSpot generating leads is the biggest challenge for a business.

But you are not alone. You may be well known for the basic process of generating leads.

But now I am going to share with you eight hacks to double your leads right away.

You read it right. Follow these simple steps to double it.

Use Exit Intent Pop-Ups

Many marketers don’t like to have a pop-up on their site.

But the truth is, an exit intent pop-up works well and will help you generate more leads.


These pop-ups help you to communicate something important to the visitor, where they can take action.

Research shows 10-15% of your site visitors who leave your website can be converted.

These pop-ups can be built with tools like OptinMonster. They can help you customise exit popups and track your visitors.

Use Relevant Lead magnets

Lead Magnets are like showing a relevant offer to a potential customer.

The ultimate goal for lead magnets is to maximise the number of leads you are getting to a targetted offer.

Lead magnets

They can be like an eBook, checklist, resource list, white papers,  video series, Free shipping or a different kind of guide that is helpful to the user.

Lead Magnets need to be a particular solution to a specific market. And don’t over promise.

With the appropriate Lead Magnet in place, your business will become a lead and sales generating machine.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are a great means to attract potential leads, by sending visitors appropriate information and offers based on their behaviour.

For abandoned carts, this is a great way to convince visitors to go through a purchase.


You can remind the potential customer about his purchases in their cart.

Not only this, but you can also send Time-bound Offers and Deals and Personalised offers.

Tracking Push notifications can help you understand customer behaviour, and you can optimise accordingly.

Free Giveaways

Ever wondered the simplest form of getting leads is to bribe a person?

You heard me right. Giving away something can generate more prospects.

If you want to generate leads or email subscribers or Facebook likes, you can create a contest.

For example, use a contest and give away $1000 to one winner.

You will get a bunch of emails or facebook likes. But these won’t be qualified leads unless you have the best product.

But how do you find better success and generate qualified leads by Free Giveaways?

If you want to succeed you need to offer a gift certificate or one of your product, here, you can attract leads who are interested in your business.

Use ChatBots

Chatbot refers to communicating with humans using Artifical Intelligence(AI).

Chatbots goes way beyond customer service and gives a business huge opportunity to scale.

These are very helpful to collect precepts and to grow the email list.


You can use chatbots on Facebook, or on your website/landing pages.

Companies like IntercomDrift provides chatbots which you can use.

You can also customise chatbots for your needs.

If you are not using chatbots for your lead generation campaigns, you are leaving a lot on the table.

Landing Pages for Specific Content Offers

Having many call-to-action buttons doesn’t guarantee you leads.

In fact, most people don’t submit their details after clicking CTA. The Exit rate will be huge.

But how do you make them complete the contact form?

By creating a landing page that specifies some offers. This will help the customer to understand what you are offering.

Make sure you show them what offers they are after.

Also, take care of the page copy so that it helps your potential customers to better understand your product or service.

Don’t Ask Too Much Information

A customer never wants to give their personal details.

Asking for more information about your prospects will lower your conversation rate.

Remember the more information you ask your customer, the less interested they will be in submitting their details.

Long contact forms never convert better than short ones. Don’t scare your visitors by long contact forms.

If you want to collect more information use a two-step form. But remember saving the step 1 before visitor leaves.

If you ask me I will say, better get their email and start the conversation and nurture the lead until they give you full information.

Share Case Studies

Case studies are some effective content pieces to generate leads.

These will help the potential customer by answering their questions by providing detailed examples of your product or service.

case studies

A market survey shows case studies are the third most effective ways to generate leads in B2B marketing space.

Assuming you have successful clients, you can use those details to write a case study.

This will help to build trust and also can answer questions to the visitor.


People visiting your page doesn’t convert most likely. Even though you have a landing page and an offer.

90% of the visitors leave your website without converting.

Remarket them and show them your landing page and offer.

Try emotional ads which can help more conversions. A small remarketing campaign will be very useful in doubling your leads.

Dynamic CTA’s

Dynamic CTA’s help you to give a personalised message to a potential customer.

This is so effective compared with static CTA’s.

call to action

Hubspot observed a 42% increase in conversion using dynamic CTA’s compared to static call to actions.


These lead generation strategies are proven to be more effective which generating leads.

How long will it take to double leads depends on what content promotions you are using and what marketing tactics you are following.

But by creating a great content, highlighting your main offers, and giving a visitor a reason to learn about your product, you can start converting more visitors to leads.

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