Why is SEO so important?

The answer is so important!

If your business is not on the first page of search results, you have the risk of being ignored by potential customers.

The data says Google search results on the first page account for more than 92% of internet traffic.

The second page is estimated to be only 5-7%, which is why the best place to hide the corpse on the third page – whatever it is!

Our digital marketing and search engine optimisation (SEO) company helps customers get their first page rankings faster.

More importantly – we make sure you stay there by using white hat SEO technology that adjusts to changing Google algorithms.

Whether you are aware of this, the game has changed in marketing.

Adoption and acceptance of digital marketing companies will win – evolve or die, it’s that simple!

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Search Engine Optimisation Explained!

Pure white-hat, ethical SEO strategies with Guarantee against Google Penalty.

The disturbing fact is that most Indian SEO companies use the blackhat SEO strategy to get results.

This is a very dangerous practice, which can lead to a penalty from Google.

In the digital group, we devote a lot of time and research to ensure that we are 100% compliant with Google algorithms through our SEO practice and White hat Link building.

This allows us to provide a very bold Google penal guarantee for all of our customers.

Also, we have invested more than 8,000 hours and tested more than 120 SEO ranking factors to develop our best practice guide.

We have helped our clients dominate the ultra-competitive markets such as insurance, trading services, fast moving consumer goods, technology and legal services within a few months.

With 100% white-hat practice, our customers are guaranteed in the long term.

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Digital strategists will always outperform tacticians.

In the digital group, we start your digital strategy in a 360-degree way.

We focus on short-term and long-term return on investment (ROI) to design an online competitor’s digital solution.

This is the standard we set. We call you, provide reports every week, and speak your language when explaining the results.

Call us any time or email us directly to our team.

No fluff, no problems.

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Young, honest and super efficient SEO company in India.

At Google, nearly $100 billion dollars worth of search engine technology is changing every day and making the results more relevant.

Machine learning and AI are the future; spammy SEO tactics are no longer effective.

SEO requires continuous improvement to reflect changes in Google algorithms, so static methods will no longer be effective.

Our passionate team can create regular content for your customers and become an essential part of your SEO activities.

Dominate your competition with SEO!

Have you lost customers because of your website or online marketing rivals?

Do not worry; you are not alone, India’s tens of thousands of small and medium business owners are the same.

The common ground is that there is always a lack of understanding of Internet marketing techniques and fear of change.

If an enterprise fails to develop, it will be dominated by a competitor.

That is where we come handy! We can help you Dominate your Competitors.

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Maximise and track ROI with DSquad 

“Unlike most organisations, we will not hide outside the smoke and mirrors, and we will not have the least “fuel consumption” approach in the case where “this activity needs to show some results.”

Our philosophy is simple – “Perform better than past.” 

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First Page or Bust

If your business is not on the first page of search results, you run the risk of being ignored by potential customers.

The business on the first page of Google search results gets 70% of Internet traffic.

Our service can drive you to the top position, and your site will specify 32% of the traffic separately.

In addition, natural search results generated by SEO are 8.5 times more likely to be viewed than paid ads.

As Google is the world’s largest search engine, you can not afford not to come to us – especially when your competition is already out there.

But we can help you get the best ROI for your Business. We are the best SEO Company in India and we can help you dominate results.

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Why trust us with your SEO?

Dsquad is honest, pragmatic, and transparent methods that differ from most other SEO companies.

In the Dsquad, we focus on the long term. Every customer we take is a partner.

Our success is based on yours.

So we only work with a customer in one field.

Overview of our SEO Process:

Step 1

If you already have one, we will first review your current site.

We advise you to consult at least 2 hours(Its Free).

We analyse your SEO strategy in a simple and clear language, answer all questions, ask questions about your product or service, sales process and competitor.

Step 2

We usually offer you within 24 hours to provide an overview of our SEO strategy, the current SERP (Google search results) rankings, and we found any problems with your existing website.

Step 3

Once you decide to board, we will make a comprehensive page optimization of your current website to ensure search engine friendly.

Our design team can also make a complete design or redesign if required to maximize conversions.

Step 4

Continuous off-page optimisation, by our copy team, to complete the construction of high-quality public relations.

We can also work with you to create thematic expert publications, Youtube Video to explain your products and services that make you out of the competition (plus more than 20 steps that will help improve your ranking).

Report weekly and catch up with your professional SEO manager to update your campaign.

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