At Dsquad, we don’t work on a keyword basis. Instead, we aim to craft better solutions based on your unique requirements. We will create a complete website strategy to maximise your online revenue.

At Dsquad, we research potential opportunities for your business, then implement them. We can get you better search results so you can dominate your competition.

We work on your data and craft a strategy with our digital marketing expertise to meet your business’s goals.

With over 2000 SEO audits under our belt, by doing extensive research on online marketing and testing, we discovered what it takes to become a top specialist in SEO industry.

We use the same experience for your business and craft data-driven SEO strategy to shoot to the top of search results.

Whether it is a national SEO campaign or a local SEO services, at Dsquad, we monitor and optimise your campaign carefully to ensure the best results possible.

SEO isn’t easy, it takes time, but it redefines your business success. At Dsquad, we help you achieve that.

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Every right SEO approach starts with planning. Knowing which keywords will get you the best results allows you to plan and prioritise correctly..

So many approaches, one consistent method

We’ve been doing SEO for more than seven years and understand that no two business are the same, so no two strategies can be the same.

Every SEO strategy with us is tailor-made.

We know you won’t be beginning your SEO from scratch. So our experienced team will focus on the strategies that’ll drive best results in areas you’re already lacking while developing on your existing work in the areas you’ve done well in.

It’s all about partnering with you to take your brand to the next level.

Dsquad team

Best SEO Experts Bangalore

SEO has changed. In today’s world, SEO is not only about keywords and link building in order for the website to rank.

It is all about driving business by delivering content to search engines through a sales funnel.

It’s about getting found online and creating visibility for your business.

Dsquad will create for you an effective strategy to grow your business online. We stay ahead of other SEO Companies in Bangalore through constant research and experimentation.

It is difficult to find the best SEO Company to offer you the best services, but we stand out with Skills and Knowledge to outrank the competition.

Our Process

Investigate: We Investigate what users are searching for, then bring to your page.

Optimise: We optimise by gathering data through our investigation, and we will find areas that need work. We tell your customers a story through your content.

Adjust: We shall keep up with google analytics to see what’s working and adjust accordingly.

So dive in and beat your competitors at their own game with the help of our SEO & Online Marketing services.

Our SEO approach is driven by industry specialists, where we don’t apply any quick tactics that rank you instantly on Google and get penalised, rather we use our expertise to craft a specialised solution which fits your business needs and help you to rank on google with the natural looking profile.

Stop searching, let’s start talking

If you’re looking for a Company that will give you stable, scalable and sustainable long-term Google results, Contact Us and let’s discuss your SEO strategy.

We at Dsquad have over seven years of experience in SEO and we help our clients to meet their traffic and conversions goals. We use data to get better results for your business.

Our SEO On-Boarding Process:

  • Initial SEO Audit – We perform a complete in-depth audit of your website
  • Keywords Research – We analyse your business’s potential keywords.
  • Competitors analysis – We reverse engineer your competitor’s strategies and design a better solution.
  • SEO Copywriting – We revise your content if necessary to perform better on Google.
  • On-page optimisation – We resolve technical issues and optimise your website with better on page strategies.
  • Link Building Campaign – We craft a unique strategy to gain the best quality links through our outreach strategies.
  • Optimisation with Data analytics – We audit your data and search for potential opportunities.
  • Content Strategy – Our team crafts a monthly calendar for your content marketing campaigns.
  • Reporting – Weekly and monthly progress reports are sent to track your campaign.

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Pure Data-Driven, Whitehat SEO methods to achieve maximum ROI.

The disturbing fact is, most SEO companies in Bangalore don’t follow Google’s guidelines while optimising your website.

Mostly, they use blackhat tactics to deliver first-page ranking.

As Google is changing their rankings algorithms every day, these methods employed by most companies don’t yield any results, and also hurt your website.

We at Dsquad, we ensure we are 100% compliance with Google policies and algorithms.

We have invested over 20,000 hours (and counting) on research conducted by our SEO research team into improving and optimising clients websites using analytics and search data.

With our data-driven approach, we have achieved many results that you can see on our case study. Check out a few of our results.

We always work innovatively to make your business dominates the competition and achieves results.

Our data-driven analytical approach has helped different clients across extremely competitive industries like insurance, trade services and technology.

We craft unique solutions for your business to achieve maximum return on investment.

Still in a doubt to choose an SEO agency in Bangalore? Why not ask a question. Let us help you.

Data-Driven strategies will maximise your ROI.

At Dsquad, we speak your language.

We make you understand what we are doing on your website.

We focus on a digital solution which can outrank your competition.

Dsquad sets specific rules while crafting a unique solution for your SEO campaign.

We also provide weekly and monthly reports to oversee your SEO growth.

Call us or email us anytime for your free SEO strategy session.

Call us or email us anytime for your free SEO strategy session.

SEO Company Bangalore

Full Transparency, No smoke & Mirrors

Our In-house SEO Experts will guide you in the process and will help you to understand what we are doing to grow your business.

Unfortunately, most of the SEO Companies in Bangalore are not transparent about the services they offer, but we adhere strictly to transparency on our services

Focused On Outcomes, Not Just Rankings

Most SEO Companies only concentrate on metrics like rankings and traffic, and not the outcomes you want.

At Dsquad we take time to understand your goals. We then customise your website strategy to achieve these goals.

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Higher Conversion Rates

EO leads convert better than any other lead sources. Every lead that comes through has a high retention rate and can help your business grow.

At Dsquad, we not only act as an SEO Company, but we also do basic conversion rate optimisation.

This can help you get more leads and can increase your revenue through SEO channels.

We are the only SEO agency in Bangalore to do conversion rate optimisation (CRO) with SEO service packages for free.

Our overall SEO strategy can help you generate more business.

Why choose us?

  • We are the only SEO Company in Bangalore with a data-driven approach for your SEO campaign.
  • We craft customised plans for each business according to your business requirements.
  • Unlike other SEO Companies in bangalore, we don’t chase only keyword rankings. We keep track of rankings and the conversions.
  • We also work on CRO to get better results and to maximise your ROI.

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