What is Reputation Management?

It was expected that between 88-92% of companies and customers would conduct an online search for your name, brand, product or service before buying your product or service.

Out of these, over 78% of results determined by online reviews and first-page search results are related to your name or the name of your company.

Don’t let negative search results cost you a lifetime of opportunities.

DSquad uses powerful and efficient reputation management techniques to beat unwanted search outcomes and improve your online reputation.

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Online Brand ReBuilding

A 22% drop in sales can occur from a single negative result.

Fixing your online reputation can make a huge difference in the quality of traffic for your business.

The outcomes are often disastrous for brands – in many cases, a company can encounter a 22% drop in business from a single negative Google search result on the first page.

That’s where we come in – to restore balance.

Because usually, search, and social platforms aren’t going to fix the problem for you.

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Corporate Reputation Services

At Dsquad, we understand the enormous power of a positive online presence and have been crafting the best custom answers for over a decade.

We work hard for our customers to improve awareness of their brand and create a good online reputation, thereby improving trustworthiness and revenue.

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