How to add Conversion Pixel?

Facebook Pixel

Selling your product or service on Facebook?

Does your ad not performing & not getting any sales?

If you want to have better-performing campaigns, you need to know more about how users behave after clicking on your ad.

For this, you need to track and measure the results achieved by your ad with the Facebook conversion pixel.

So what is a Conversion pixel?

The conversion pixel is a kind of extension that is installed on the website.

It Crawls and collects user data about your Facebook ad.

Facebook Pixel also collects various types of data such as site visit, purchase completion, etc.

It also shows in which device your customer viewed the ad, how and when a particular conversion occurred.

With the conversion pixel, you can optimise your ads by making them appear only to people with a higher chance of buying your product or service.

You can also measure your conversions and expenses.

This can help you to know how the budget is being spent with each user.

How to measure conversions?

You can measure conversions according to the purpose of the campaign.

This data is available in the Facebook Ads Manager.

You can evaluate how the campaign performed, and the types of conversions made on the site.

You can also track the page visits and also can see where the conversion occurred.

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How to insert the pixel on the website?

Inserting the conversion pixel into the site is Very easy.

You can create the pixel through the Ad Manager or Power Editor.

It’s important to know that using these tools should be done exclusively by Google Chome.

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Facebook itself helps by providing the code to be inserted into the site.

You will also receive a copy of the code via email.

After the installation of the pixel, you can check its status and correct the problems if any.

How do I know if my site has a conversion pixel installed?

To find out if a site has a conversion pixel installed, it’s pretty simple.

Just go to the Facebook for Developers website and install in the Google Chrome browser the Facebook Pixel Helper extension.

This extension will activate every time you navigate to a site that has a conversion pixel and will display the installed and active pixel.

It may also show installed and disabled pixels or with some error.

It’s another essential tool for you to monitor usage of the conversion pixel.

Now you know how to install it, how about making some cool campaigns.

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If you need help, Dsquad can help you on installing the pixel.

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