Google Penalty Recovery


Have you had a sudden drop in traffic to your website or rankings?

A sharp decline in Google’s search rankings often means that you are penalized for using prohibited commercial search engines. Whether you accidentally violate the webmaster guidelines or actively practice black hat SEO, you will be excluded, even completely removed from the search results.

Examples of how a Google Penalty impacts traffic and visitors

Types of Google penalty:

Algorithmic Penalties

The algorithm penalty is a decline in the ranking of Google’s updated algorithm updates, which can display up to 600 updates per year. These updates lead to “search engine optimization traffic” that penalizes you not the latest best practice for search engine optimization.

Manual Penalties

If an actual person gives you a fine, that means they noticed your “black hat” – an immoral search engine optimization technique. Black Hat SEO is not illegal, but it does cause Google to punish you.

The following SEO techniques can result in a manual action notice:

  • Hacked site
  • Malware attack
  • User-generated spam
  • Spam free hosts
  • Spam structured markup
  • Unnatural links to your site
  • Unnatural links from your site
  • Pointless content – a mask for keywords
  • Cloaking
  • Pure spam
  • Hidden text and/or keyword stuffing
Google Penalty Removal

Need Help with Penalty Removal?

About Us:

The Dsquad is located in India’s professional pure white hat SEO organization. We invest 100% more in line with the latest Google algorithm updates than any other organization in research and testing. So that we can provide Google to all the fine fines to ensure that you feel at ease.

Do not risk using shortcuts to the body and use the black hat SEO practice.

Please contact DSquad immediately to arrange a website review to see if you are at risk or to schedule Google’s penalties.

Due to spam links or black hat SEO, does your site have a risk of Google Penalities? Arrange a free review today!

Can Anyone be Blacklisted?

Yes. Google is not in the pocket of any big company as has been suggested in the past – if you are punished, you are the big company.

Google Penalty Case Study – BMW

Violation: cloaking

In 2006, the German auto giant BMW for the use of black hat SEO, had it’s ranking sent down to zero. They created hidden text pages so they could search for results, such as “used cars” – BMW did not focus on used cars.

When the user clicks on these pages, they are redirected to the normal BMW landing page.

Google’s penalty is to completely remove from search results for three days

Google Penalty Case Study – BBC

Violation: unnatural links

In 2013, the BBC had a page that gave Google’s “manual action notifications” for non-manual links, which are links that are incompatible with the page content for any reason.

Link spam has always been the focus of the last few updates in the search algorithm, and it’s a surprise that, like you or me, the news giants BBC turns to Google forums for help.

Relevant pages are removed indefinitely from Google search results.

Google Penalty Case Study – JC Penny

Violation: paid links

One of the best ways to improve your Google ranking is to link pages on your site to other pages on your site. These inbound links suggest to your search engine that your site needs and trust.

JC Penney paid for external websites, creating thousands of links to their websites, making the top search results from “dress” to the strange “solo curtains”.

Links in Google search results have been downgraded within 90 days.


Need Help with Penalty Removal?

How Do I Get a Google Penalty Removed?

Algorithmic penalties are easier to solve because they are usually content-based.

Check the webmaster guidelines to see if you are up to date with the latest updates.

Low-quality links, poor keyword selection, and competitor sites can play a role.

Manual action penalties are a more difficult process because you are directly violating Google’s guidelines.

Obviously, the first step is to stop the violation: delete the spam link, delete the hidden text and so on.

Then you need to re-review the request.

Once you get punished, you will want to climb the rankings.

Google’s machine learning AI allows it to use the client rather than the content of the search engine to find the site; the real “natural link” content.

So investing in white hat SEO, such as quality content and high-quality backlinks, is more likely than ever to improve your ranking.

Collecting data and completing all the necessary operations is a dense process.

Fortunately, there are SEO experts out there to provide a ranking service.

The Dsquad is one of them – if you care about your Google ranking, please contact us.

Need Help with Penalty Removal?

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