PPC Management That Produces Results

At Dsquad, your conversions are our top priority. Unlike other ad agencies and digital marketing companies, we update your campaigns on a weekly basis depending on the data.


Experience the Power of Google Adwords today!

If you are the owner of an Indian business, here are some important facts about the status of our business and the presence of digital and commercial ecosystems:

  1. More than 92% of customers will select a business from the first page of Google search results.
  2. Google Adwords (pay-per-click) leads the top 3 results of the first page.
  3. There are no other forms of advertising that are measurable by Google Adwords – every click, and every rupee spent by each keyword can be tracked to events such as phone calls or conversions.

What Makes Dsquad Different?

We take the Data Driven approach to optimise your adwords campaign.



At Dsquad, we optimise and analyse your AdWords campaign on a weekly basis. We also believe that our clients need to know what’s happening in their PPC campaigns.

We carefully use data to drive your campaigns.

We don’t only optimise AdWords weekly, but we also send reports on how your campaigns are performing and what was done to improve things.

With us, you don’t have to worry about how your campaigns are running ever again.


Adwords Campaign Setup Process

Learn about your business, viewers and their buyer roles

Most Adwords agents have missed this first step. We believe that understanding your business, the customer and their buyer role may be the most important first step. This includes in-depth consultations with owners, marketing or sales managers to understand your products and services and ultimately help you select and target your keywords.

Keyword Research and Competitor Analysis

Keyword research is an intensive process that requires professional agency tools and Google’s own keyword planners to understand the number of search keywords for each keyword, the number of keywords per month, and the degree of competition for those keywords. We also study your competitors to find opportunities.

Recommend Monthly and Daily Budget

In this step, we recommend that you make monthly budgets based on your keyword research (search volume and cost-per-click), or use the amount you’ve determined. Since every minute is tracked, your money has spent a lot of transparency.

Setup Negative Keywords and Conversion Tracking

Negative keywords are low-quality search terms, and once visitors arrive at your site, there will not be any meaningful interaction. We actively add negative keywords to your campaign to maximize your Quality Score and minimize CPC (cost-per-click), or in the real world, where appropriate audiences are targeted.

Conversion tracking also allows us to attribute calls and queries to clicks to better understand the behaviour of the searcher. This is a valuable source of continuous improvement activities.



Daily assessment of budget and click behaviour for the first month

How will the first month of Google Adwords be resolved? Do not worry – we’ve covered you.

We’ll closely monitor your campaign performance in the first month because it’s an important “learning period” for your campaign.

At this stage, we usually make multiple corrections to improve your campaign settings.



Reporting and Recommendations

We set up monthly AdWords and Google Analytics reports that contain key information about key metrics such as clicks, cost-per-click, cost-per-acquisition, bounce rate, and session time. If this sounds too much, you will talk, do not worry – we simplified the simple English report, so it makes sense!

Ongoing optimisation

Your AdWords campaigns are constantly being monitored and reviewed to see if you have the opportunity to improve or capture more potential customers by increasing your budget. We’ll keep up with suggestions and report changes and the impact on your campaign performance.

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