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Have you spent a lot of time to generate Leads through your website? Without Leads, your business won’t Survive.

Leads can get you more business. More business can lead you more profit.

Today I want to show you few tweaks which can improve your Sales performance.

Boost your Click Through Rate

Having unique, quality content may seem obvious but is often overlooked.

If your product is good or you offer valuable information for visitors, you will get more visitors.

There’s no denying that the more appealing your content is, the more intrigued and inclined the user will be to continue clicking through your site.

Good, quality content coupled with concise meta text and title tags are simple measures to help boost your click-through rates!

Optimal metatext

Although meta text doesn’t help boost your rankings, it helps generate organic traffic and is your “first impression” to draw visitors to your page.

You want to make your meta text so appealing that visitors can’t resist clicking on your page. Creativity and uniqueness will go a long way here. Refrain from using the same meta text for every single page on your site.

Instead, whilst keeping the target audience of each page in mind think about what each page offers, why it is important, what use will the visitor serve by viewing your page or what questions will be answered.

This is a huge boost for SEO Rankings. Wording needs to be relevant to the users’ search query. Don’t be afraid to test different keywords out by closely monitoring what text generates more traffic. Google Analytics will help you do this.

Take Time to Title Tag

Coupled with meta text should be taking the time to create a custom title tag.

In simple terms, this is the actual title of your page but it isn’t necessarily obvious to the user.

The user will see this text in the users’ tab at the top of the window and perhaps most notably, it is the text shown when your page is reposted on various social platforms like Facebook.

With 52-70 characters available, you have to capture in essence what the page is about in short. This is important because the title tag is one of many tools the search engine bot uses to understand what your page is about.

Room for improvement

Once you’ve ensured unique content then it’s worth taking a look at the data (Google Search Analytics).

Target the low numbers.

Are there any keywords or certain pages with less than 5% click-through rate? Queries or pages with low CTR but high impressions are the best places to start because there is obviously room for improvement. Focus on one at a time.

Competitive Intelligence

Knowing your target demographic isn’t enough in the competitive digital reality existing today.

A strong understanding of your competitors is going to help take your user activity to the next level. Don’t panic, there are tools to help you “spy” on your competitors.


What Runs Where is a useful tool when determining the optimal content and positioning of your advertisements. This tool will help you track which ads are effective and which are not so effective by leveraging previously existing experiments.

This tool will help you track which ads are effective and which are not so effective by leveraging previously existing experiments.

Looking for a more comprehensive link analysis tool? Ahrefs is your answer.

Similar to What Runs Where Ahrefs will provide you with information about what content is doing well however in the sense of what content is being shared frequently.

Unlike What Runs Where, Ahrefs offers more insight about your competitors (think what keywords your competitors pay for and which landing pages they direct traffic to) as well as reports regarding the quality of your site (think crawl reports, rankings, and page loading speed).

SEMrush is another useful tool and perhaps the best tool for “spying” on your competitors. Semrush will keep you up to date on everything from new and existing competitors, their best keywords, ad copies, and your rivals’ display ads. This is your go-to tool if your sole mission is to understand your competition meticulously.

Link Building

Without efficient off-page optimisation, on-page optimisation has little impact.

Ensuring off-page optimisation is vital to the success of any business. Some tactics to employ in order to accumulate backlinks are discussed below.

The key to success is variation and credibility. As you accumulate quality links, you’re simultaneously increasing the credibility and therefore the authority of your site. Accumulating a wide variety of links coupled with unique content will drive results and boost your rankings.

Consider building editorial links from social media, citations or guest posts.

Managing the data of short-tail and long-tail keywords can be challenging at scale. Use a tool like Linkio to keep your various keywords organized

Check out this article about 2018 effective link building strategies

Conversion Rate Optimization

Hacking CRO requires strategy.

People are much more responsive and open if there is a relationship. This means that you should start slow and the first interact with your visitors before trying to get them to do or buy something.

Read More: Speed Up Your Website To Increase Conversions

Are there obvious ways for users to leave feedback or comments?

Perhaps offering a free gift with an email sign up. Or simply explaining the benefits of signing up with your page. Hosting webinars or offering live chat is another way to interact with users and boost conversion rate.

Simple. Simple. Simple.

  1. Make it fast and easy for visitors to sign up. Make sure that it is a one or at most a two-step process for the user to sign up. You don’t want to scare users away by asking them to provide an overwhelming amount of information.
  2. Use a separate landing page for user sign up. This allows you to properly explain what you offer and entice them to sign up. In the image below, we explain what Digital Squad offers its clients and invites you to book an appointment now by clicking on which takes you to a new landing page.

On the separate landing page, the user is not easily distracted from the task of providing their info like we see in the image below.

  1. No fine print. With a call to action, you don’t want to confuse or scare users from signing up on your site. Simply state what the user will get by signing up with you. Make sure the sign-up button is in an obvious and isolated location. It’s worth noting that using words like “join now” or “get started” instead of “sign up” have proven to earn higher conversion rates. Which of the two from the example below do you think earned the most clicks? Obviously the first because the benefit to signing up are clearly summarised for the user.

Join today to get free access for 30 days!


Sign up now

Checklist for Success

Boost Click Through Rate:

Good, Quality Content

Clear and Concise Meta Text

Easily Understood Text Title

Conversion Rate:

One-step Signup Process

Individual Signup Landing Page

Creative Signup text

Check, check, check? Yes, here comes success!

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