Digital Marketing Trends 2018

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Our digital space is ever-changing as new technologies are being emerged as we speak.

Companies these days are spending more than 10% of their entire budget on digital marketing.

If you ask me what’s the most significant agenda in hand when we talk about marketing, it’s the leads.

Marketers can capitalise on the opportunity offered by digital marketing, a data-driven, thorough understanding of audience and content innovation is required.

Data is the heart of any marketing campaign, a quick manipulation of the data must be done.

Let’s move ahead and see how digital marketing trends are being subjected to a change:

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is that technology which will continue to drive innovation through algorithms.

The technology is continuously empowering computers and further marketers to learn and refine responses.

This is done to adapt to fresh content input as well as new data.

Artificial Intelligence, when associated with Digital marketing, can lead to a better analysation of customer behaviour, search patterns & data generation.

Hence, leveraging this vast pool of accumulated data can further help businesses to work on their marketing strategy and achieve better results.

Content today is being effectively re-used as well as repackaged.

Data Science & Analytics Claiming Solid Position

In a world were 7 million bytes of data is being produced every second, per human, data science and analysis is doing wonders for companies.

Today, data scientists are there where they should be from the beginning.

Data analysts are finding key positions at the centre of the marketing, thanks to the variety of open source tools which are offering them an upper-edge.

Even the likes of Facebook has a dedicated Data Science research department, and companies have started adopting the same.

Live Streaming

Videos today have dominated the mainstream media.

A quick shift has been observed towards video oriented content.

The concept of the live video is gaining momentum.

In 2017 alone, over 75% of the internet traffic was due to video streaming.

Live stream videos have a higher chance to be watched by viewers than the prerecorded ones.

Brands have started making use of programmatic advertising within live streaming.

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Chatbots Taking Over The Industry

After the big time improvements in the technologies like machine learning and AI, chatbots are setting-up new benchmarks.

Brands today have started thinking about their social media bots.

Almost every other major brand is now inculcating chatbots in their customer service operations.

Over 61% of the chatbot related use is specific to customer service related queries.

Chatbots today can provide relevant answers, provide information about products and services.

Without any real human customer interaction, chatbots can deliver better insights against the queries put-up by customers.

Personalization- Ensuring Customer Delight

Rather than ‘one-size-fits-all’ marketing strategy, digital marketing domain has started focussing on providing unique customer experience.

Solely based on a customer’s personal preferences and choices, personalisation is playing a key role in business growth.

Businesses today are constantly optimising their content and are boosting their ROI with the help of data such as purchase history, customer behaviour as well as the links clicked.

Behaviour-based personalisation is what will drive the market shortly.

Social Media Stories

As their popularity progress, today social media stories are tough to ignore for marketers.

Snapchat stories, Instagram stories, YouTube reels, each option offers a diverse and unique pictorial presentation.

Apart from social media marketing strategies, story advertisement is the unique subset that is doing wonders for the companies.

People often view stories for fun, the temporary nature of stories can generate interest in the consumers.

Also, social media stories are the bite-sized alternative to present video content with added ease.

Mobile-First Index

Gone are the days when having a rapid mobile website was just an option to please customers and Google technical requirements.

With the advancements in search engine optimisation, a fast mobile website is a prime requirement of SEO.

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Mobile view-ability and optimisation of social platforms are being done to ease the user-experience of the consumers.

People today have started spending more time than ever on their smartphones.

Digital marketing pops an opportunity for the potential marketers.

Influencer Marketing Gaining Momentum

In a nutshell, paying the influencers to get the word out for you is becoming more convenient in 2018 rather than marketing directly to a large database of customers.

Influencer marketing is a proven tool in today’s time which can attract significant customers.

YouTube/Instagram stars, celebrities, and well-known bloggers are becoming a part of influencer marketing.

Thus, better promotion of products or services can be achieved and that too via their official social channels.

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Because these influencers have a high density of followers on social media, they already have the trust and integrity.

Making Mobile Checkouts Easier

E-retailers today are putting in more resources to tackle the challenge of making web and mobile checkouts, faster, interactive and simplified for their customers.

Brands are trying hard to make sure that customers may get accessed to an improved and customised experience.

Everything is being subjected to customisation, from e-mails, notifications to app content.


Digital Marketing is enabling maximise response rate from consumers while also slashing the paid search budgets for marketers.

Getting 100% feedback from clients, leveraging online reviews to optimise business operations is just a beginning of a new revolution.

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Right from the collection point to effectively using and analysing it, digital marketing, cloud and data management platforms are going mainstream.

The demand for content is inevitable; brands are producing more content than ever to stay digitally relevant.

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