User Analysis & Audience Segmentation

For businesses looking to understand their customers buying process better, the challenge is often “How and where do I begin?”

Through careful analysis of data, we can use machine-learning techniques to identify your users by their common behaviours and activities.

This valuable information can help in reporting and allow you to customise content and advertising to reach the right audience.

Data Fix

On-Site Customer Journey

We will analyse your customers’ journey to help answer the burning questions you have about the visitors to your site.

Our service can help determine everything from website redesigns to technical changes in content production, and ways to develop common user paths to reach desired search engine rankings.

We are Data Scientists. We sleep and breathe Analytics.

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Event Tracking

You can track anything on your website to know your customer Journey.

At Dsquad, we track every element—including form submissions, scrolls, buttons, active phone numbers, and just about everything else. This enables us to see exactly how your customers are engaging with the site.

Traffic Attribution & Analysis

We can gather the information you need to help decide which advertising campaigns suit your business.

This information can solve the challenges of offline conversions, lengthy sales funnels, data from multiple marketing sources and advertising platforms.

Traffic Management
Google Analytics

Data Management

We manage your Google Analytics data to enhance connections and touchpoints with customers. We will craft a solution to this user behaviour.

Website data can be combined with other data sources to gather information about users and ease conversions. We also offer analysis and integrations with other Google products.

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