Here are few of clients Dsquad has helped

The Client: A repair Company


The site (A Mobile Repair Company) was getting zero traffic from Organic, even though it was registered in late 2015. The owner had spent a good amount on Paid search for a couple of years. However, it wasn’t getting hardly any traffic.

The Challenge

The repair business is entirely dependent on paid traffic. The client wants more free organic traffic than paid traffic.

Audit & Analysis

The first thing we always do is to audit the whole website to see if there are any significant issues. What we found out it is not responsive, and there are no penalties.

The Approach

Th client asked Dsquad to help to gain visibility in Organic results. Our first task was to build an entirely responsive new website and build out a lot of content to the site.

We conducted in-depth competitive link analysis to determine the proper mix of link building tactics for the website.

The Results

Dsquad drove 13,644 new users to the website.

The Return on investment of our efforts was over 622%.

Organic traffic per month dominated the paid traffic after three months and going on.

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