Brand Promotion: How to do it ?

Brand Promotion

Do you also want to do a promotion to attract new customers, reward the most loyal Customers, and drive product sales?


The first step is to analyse the goals of your campaign.

Determine what do you want to achieve doing promotion?

Do you want to Attract new customers? Or Gain market visibility? Or Leverage sales?

You need to establish a goal before starting a promotion.

You also need to understand your target audience.

Also determine What communication channels do they use, what kind of content (text, video, image) do they spend most time interacting?

Your strategy and the channels you use will get the promotion strategy perfect for your brand.

Review Competitors Promotion strategy

Once you have set your goals and found the target audience, it’s time to copy your competitor’s strategies and learn from their mistakes and do a better job than them.

You need to investigate which channel was used and review their calls to actions, images, videos and keep improving the existing strategy for the better promotion of your brand.

You also need to study your competitor’s results to find their best channels which yielded results.

Analyse the keywords, contents, ads, and social media strategies used by competitors and use the best tactics for your campaign.

You can use tools like SEMRush and Ahrefs to determine these.

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Choose your communication platforms

Based on your goals and analysis results from your competitors choose one or more channels to promote your Brand.

Here are a few lists of them you can use for promotions.

Email marketing

Email marketing is one of the powerful marketing strategies for getting exceptional results.

There is a lot of competition in the market, and it is very important to create emails that stand out.

How to start targetting potential customers?

Divide your list by area of interest (for example, those who buy products for cats and dogs in your pet shop) or by loyalty (loyal customers, first-time buyers and those interested in your products)

After you have your Audience try to prepare different emails for each group even if their promotion is the same.

Customised emails can help to convert than a regular promotional email.

Another critical point is the subject of your email.

Remember, you need to get the attention of your user and convince him to open your message.

Good headlines and Subject lines help your audience to open the email and take action.

Get to the point, but be careful when using words like promotion and off. They can make your email easily identified as spam.

And also don’t spam too much with your email marketing campaign, which will annoy users and will never visit your site.

Social promotion

Promotion on Social Media is one of the top ways to get your brand out to your potential customers.

You also need to collect data about your audience to study them for decision making.

Facebook and Twitter provide analytical data about users, with information about age, location, gender, etc.,

This data is significant to get a successful Brand promotion strategy.

Create custom messages for multiple users to better interact with the potential customer.

Try using relevant images and videos to increase interaction.

In Instagram and Twitter use the power of hashtags and combine them with your texts.

Take advantage of the hashtags #promotion #promocode #ultimate #sale #off

Also, think about creating your unique hashtag for your company (ex #PromoCodeDsquad).

With this, your customers (regular and potential) can find their contents and their offers.

After content was created, insert your custom hashtags in all Marketing communications, such as websites, emails, profiles, etc.

Paid Media

Paid Media is a powerful Strategy that allows you to appear on the first page of Google and other privileged places of some famous sites.

Consider working with Google AdWords, Display Ads, Facebook Ads, among others, as these features can be your best and instant ways to attract potential buyers.

If you started working on developing a good marketing plan for your brand, you also need to start working on your creativity to create your ads.

By having a clear direction, proper analysis, and the use of analytical data and tools, you can gain in-depth information and save time by optimising campaigns to perform better and develop Killer Brand Strategy.

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Partnership With Other Blogs

Partnerships with other relevant stores or blogs in your area may also be helpful to promote your brand

Making your promotional banners available on relevant blogs and websites can leverage your sales and attract new customers.

You can also develop promotions in conjunction with other stores that are not your direct competitors but serve the same audience and propose a partnership.

Programmatic Media

Programmatic Media is like buying advertising space in real time.

You can use software like Adobe, DoubleClick to automate the bidding process and optimisation of media.

In this programmatic media advertisement, you can buy spots on the different competitor’s website(which are available), and you can advertise banners.


After executing the plans and strategy for your brand promotion, its time to Monitor your performance.

You need to start monitoring at this stage and see if your actions are bearing fruit. You also need to monitor your content if it is being shared and commented and measure the negative aspects of the campaign and improve accordingly.

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Thus, you will have a good understanding of customer satisfaction, being able to retain and re-value a criticism in the purchase process.

And the final tip – do not forget that the promotion must have a deadline!

Terms allow you to create a sense of urgency, and if you overextend your campaign, you may lose sales.

Specify a deadline and resist the urge to extend the promotion if sales are going well.

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