What Makes DSquad Different?

We track & Optimise Everything


We use Creativity and Data Science to solve different complex market problems.

We have a track record of recognising the right audience, identifying their essential motivators, and then building the solutions that resonate with them to Increase Conversions.

Data Science
Data Fix

Let Us Fix your Business with Data Solutions !!

We will help identify your complex problem; we’ll then build a strategic solution that Engages the right audience.

We stay involved in your data, assessing the user journey and continuously optimising for better Conversions.


SEO, Social, Paid, Content, and More.

Bangalore’s Digital Marketing Experts

DSquad Bangalore search engine optimization service is not just like the other. We are committed to achieving top rankings, with an amazing team and professional analysts to your account, any keyword ranking will be reached.

Our marketing team and strategist team are experts in Google’s latest algorithms, Link Building and digital marketing methods and provide proven white hats, ethical and organic features that will help to put your site on the first page of Google search engine in the quickest possible time. If you are looking for a reliable, effective and honest search engine optimisation company in Bangalore to contact the Dsquad!

Digital Marketing Company in Bangalore

We offer an excellent Google Adwords (pay-per-click) campaign strategy with the lowest cost and zero management fee. Within a few minutes, you can promote optimized and targeted Google traffic on your site. We are the only digital marketing company in Bangalore to foucs on ROI.

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Google’s local business list can be said to be the most effective way to target local customers who need specific services. Optimized and active Google+ campaigns can reach the top position in a few weeks and dramatically increase sales of services and products. With the annual fixed fee is and the return on investment can be unlimited. Just a business task.

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The strategist always has an edge over tactician – which is nothing more real for the social media. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Flickr and other advertising channels to become a brand of cult believers. Direct customer engagement, real-time publishing, and sharing, as well as a multi-channel presence to enhance the confidence of buyers, the customer’s lifetime value and the ultimate sale.

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Social Media

We built SEO optimised for handcraft and conversion optimization sites. Our integrated design process includes brand conceptualisation, best user experience, potential customer capture and maximised conversion.

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About Us

The Dsquad is an innovative, results-driven digital marketing agency that specializes in effective search engine optimization (SEO).

Founded in 2016, the ever-changing business environment should not limit your chances of success, and we have quickly become Australasia leading SEO. We are now entering into the Indian Market. The technology world is evolving and you need a young, capable and cutting-edge company that has an in-depth understanding of your online needs as we live in your world. Headquartered in Auckland, we are experts, your network marketing, and advertising needs.

The DSquad commitment to you is our honest, open and transparent process support, aiming to achieve all the search engine homepage ranking, no matter how your keyword needs, and through the use of various forms of social media, we make sure that your The site is fast, streamlined and reputable in the eyes of the digital world. We realise that by promoting your reputation by promoting your website to promote the contrast between your company, these strategies will only reduce your reputation and adopt an ethical, white hat-based approach that is obligatory to promote you with the viable and sustainable image of the business leads to stable and sustained growth that will protect your future.